Easter Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Easter Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing use a wet on wet technique to make beautiful decorated eggs, bunnies and chicks for Easter.

Easter Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Hi everyone! I have been really slacking on the blog this week because I’m in St. Louis preparing for our big move in May. We signed a lease, Bob had some job interviews, and I’ve been getting in some quality family time (and shopping!) I have been busy ever minute, but it’s been a lot of fun.  

Easter Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

My mom, my sister, and I decided that this year, instead of dyeing Easter eggs we would decorate sugar cookies! After seeing several posts about Easter cookies, I couldn’t resist trying them out. I love the technique of using toothpicks to drag out lines or dots into beautiful patterns. We had so much fun playing around with different designs!

easter egg cookie with swirly pattern

Each time I’ve used Royal icing (St. Patrick’s Day Cookies and these Money Face Cookies), I used a different recipe for the icing and a different sugar cookie recipe (see a great sugar cookie comparison post here).

easter chick cookies inside eggs

I keep thinking I’ll find one that is better than the last time, but really they all seem very similar to me. I’ll provide links to the recipes I used this time below, but know that these techniques work on any cookie, and I’m sure any royal icing recipe.   UPDATE: My favorite recipe for roll out sugar cookies is the [Not My] Granny’s Sugar Cookies.

Easter Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

The one thing I did differently this time was to use only one consistency icing per color and to use it for both outlining and flooding, which were done at the same time, rather than what I’ve done in the past: outline, wait for it to dry, then flood. When using the same color for outlining and flooding, the outline blends in nicely. Of course this might not work for the Monkey Face Cookies where having a distinct outline is essential, but for these cookies it worked very well.  

easter chick wearing bunny ears on a cookie

This time, I drew inspiration from a number of different sources. I first saw a post on the King Arthur flour blog about these fun wet on wet techniques for Easter cookies. Then I saw a guest post on Bake at 350 from Sweetopia, which led me to other posts at Sweetopia. Each of these blogs have some great tips for working with royal icing.

Easter egg with neat pattern in royal icing

Easter Cookie Designs

We did a bunch of different designs that I’ll take you through.

The are the bunnies. We used some sanding sugar crystals for some of them. This was sprinkled on while the icing was still wet. Some of the bunnies have white sugar pearl noses.

bunny cookies decorated

Chick wearing bunny ears:

chicken wearing bunny ears cookie

Chicks wearing sweaters (my mom invented these!):

Easter Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

My mom’s creation – remind you of anyone?

Hoops and YoYo cookies
chick coming out of an egg cookie
Easter Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Can you guess which one my dad did? 🙂

decorated egg cookies
chick coming out of an egg cookie

For those of you who celebrate Easter, you still have time to try these out before Sunday – so get to it! 🙂 Or see the sidebar for some other great Easter treats.   Have a great Easter, Passover, or a nice relaxing weekend!  

Recipe Details

Sugar Cookie Recipe – Roll-out Sugar Cookies by The Way the Cookie Crumbles, UPDATE: my favorite recipe for sugar cookies is the [Not My] Granny’s Sugar Cookies

Royal Icing RecipeBake at 350, UPDATE: my go to royal icing recipe

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