The Flavors of Fall

Fall is one of my favorite times of year – basically I love September through December! Last year I really embraced fall and tried some great recipes. I’ve listed these below and will hopefully add many more this season!
Note: I’ve also updated my sidebar to reflect the change of season 🙂

This is one of my favorite recipes I made last year. It was fantastic! The fall-spiced crust coated with chocolate, the creamy pumpkin filling, and of course the festive topping – this recipe is a must-try!
Pumpkin bread is just about my favorite fall treat. This bread is moist and flavorful. The fall spices really come through.
One of my favorite fall activities is apple picking. I always pick a ton of apples to have plenty for lunches and baking. These bars are sooo delicious – the flavor of a caramel apple with an oat-y crust, yum!
A great basic sugar cookie with a fantastic fall design. These cookie are sure to impress!
This is a hearty yet not heavy soup. A perfect end to a chilly autumn day!
Not strictly a fall recipe, this tomato tart is a great party appetizer. The tomatoes don’t have to be at their peak season because they are baked, and the pie crust and Herbes de Provence give the dish a very comforting quality.
Those cute little Pumpkin Spice Hershey’s Kisses available only this time of year can be baked into a chocolatey treat!
Save your (*)-$’s and make one of these flavorful drinks at home!
Use your favorite fall-themed cookie cutters to create adorable cinnamon-sugar tortillas to dip in a sweet pumpkin dip!
Two classic seasonal fruits blended into a sweet yet savory soup with a warming hint of curry.
A deliciously salty-sweet candy that’s a nut-free alternative to the traditional peanut-brittle.
What says Halloween more than popcorn balls?! This is my favorite recipe for them!
These little bites combine an Oreo crust with pumpkin cheesecake and caramel – enough said.
Pumpkin with the flavors of a magic bar in a bite-sized package.
A classic Julia Child recipe that’s creamy and smooth!
Another great party appetizer! These tasty tarts combine pumpkin, spinach, chicken, and cheese for a perfect bite.
More like candy than a side-dish, this acorn squash is filled with brown sugar and butter – delish!
Get in some practice before Thanksgiving with this amazing recipe. I was blown away by how good this was! So juicy and flavorful.
The name says it all – sweet fruit combined with savory cheese; this is a great main dish to serve to company!
Combine this flavorful, spicy soup with a grilled cheese sandwich and you have a perfect meal!
A delicious dip for those crisp, juicy apples picked from an orchard of your local grocery store!

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